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  • Simple question (cleaning)

    We had a service call for our CMM the air bearing got clogged and we were having problem with measuring. I though they told us to use alcohol to clean the surface plate and the area the bearing run on. The reason I ask is someone thought they suggested canned air ???

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    Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!

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    I use denatured alcohol. That is what the manual for my cmm says.


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      As Goodluck states, denatured alcohol.
      Sometimes, if this is not readily available, I've also been told that methylhydrate works as well.



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        Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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          Be carefull with denatured around the air lines (the surgical tubing like stuff), it can deteriorate it.

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            We are using Isoproply 91%
            Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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              we use everclear.


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                Winston sounds like you did not get enough spirits this weekend.
                Ken 91% is not clean enough use denatured only.
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                  91% has water in it.Use denatured only.


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                    thanks working on getting the denatured.
                    Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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                      So I talked to the lab and they asked if I could use ethanol or methanol. of course I told them we had to use denatured and they did not seem to know what I was talking about.
                      Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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                        I am going to change my answer a little after doing some more research. I wanted to confirm my information.

                        I contacted Renishaw to confirm the use of Isopropyl to clean their scales. They say to use only Isopropyl Alcohol with a soft wipe, but only use 75% or less. And definitely dont use anything that contains any solvents such as Acetone.

                        I asked about the higher percentages and they say that it may take off the lacquer coating on the scale. The info on the denatured alcohol remains the same. I know that this was about cleaning the guideways but accidents do happen when cleaning supplies are mixed up.

                        Denatured alcohol has additives added to make it poisonous. These additives may incude acetone. Having denatured alcohol around may make it too easy to accidentally clean your renishaw tape scales with it. Because of the possiblity of acetone being present, it could damage your tape scales. If you think rehosing a CMM is expensive, wait till you replace a tape scale. If you use Denatured, lock it away afterward.

                        Denatured Description:
                        PRODUCT: Ethyl alcohol (denatured)
                        SYNONYMS: Denatured ethanol

                        Section II - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS
                        COMPOSITION %
                        Ethyl alcohol 82.9 (which also includes about 4% water)
                        Ethyl acetate 0.2
                        Methyl alcohol 16.4
                        Methyl ethyl ketone
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                          Thanks cmmguy
                          Since I gave up hope I feel much better !!!


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