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  • form and location vs. form only

    I have a plane created from 9 edge points taken around the perimeter of a round opening. Originally I reported profile to the datums (form and location and got a result of about 1.5mm. The customer wanted a profile of 1mm form only, so I added a profile report of the plane, 1mm tol, form only. It gave me the same result. Then I decided to try creating a feature set from the points and report form only profile that way. Same result. ??? So I created an alignment, leveled to the plane itself and then reported form only profile. Finally I got a result of .4 mm, what I expected. My question is, doesn't PC-DMIS best fit a plane or a scan to itself to report form only profile and isn't that essentially the same as what I did by leveling to the feature itself?
    Jonathan S
    pcdmis 2009
    B&S global 15-30-10
    DEA Delta Slant 30-100-15

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