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  • Looking For Contract Programming Opportunities

    I just finished contract programming job using PC_DMIS. I am just returning to the field of CMM programming after an extended time away from the field and I still LOVE writing programs for others to use as well as teaching metrological techniques. I am an old MM4/AVAIL/Geopak/MM3 user from when I previously programmed. I was amazed at the intuitiveness of PC_DMIS. I was able to pick up on the various programming techniques and tools in practically no time when compared to the length of time it tok me to master the same information in those other softwares.

    That being stated, I am now hungry for more opportunities to ply my newly reacquired trade. I have travelled for most of my more recent career and I will go anywhere for any length of time if I can truly be of help to a group.

    If anyone has any leads or needs for a 'hired' gun please direct them my way. I am self-employed and very flexible to the needs of my services. I will provide all contact information for me and my company upon initial contact or by request via offline email or telephone of course.


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    Hi Ron - I have shop in NW North Carolina - machined aerospace components. It's a brand new facility and we have a B&S Global and we have a critical need for programming help on our CMM. If you're interested, please contact me ASAP. Thanks

    Ed Mayer

    [email protected]


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      Hi Ron-I have a requirement for programming help on our CMM. We have a Global Performance with current version of PC dmis. We have solid models of parts in iges format for programming assistance. If interested please contact [email protected]


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        there ya go!


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