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  • external alignments and models

    Hi all.

    version 3.5mr2

    I have only written 3 programs with models, so I have little experience with programming with models.

    I write programs on airfoil segments. Our procedure we write an alignement program, we do not use iterative alignments, and save the alignment as an exteranl alignment. We do not import the model in at this time. Then we write individual external programs for inner shroud, outer shroud, gas path, DO, slashface. These programs start off with external alignment recall and then I import the model.

    I have the model set up to the same orientation at the external alignment.

    I wrote a program for the BORO version of this segement and everything was fine.

    Now I want to create another program for the inner shroud. I go through the same procedure as the BORO program, BUT now when I import the same model the trihedron is not in the correct location. (See attachment). The external alignment hasn't changed. I can enter the blueprint location for vector point and it takes the point correctly, the model hasn't changed because I use the same model as before, but if I click on the model to take a point it is shifted in the +X.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    It is very involved, but I have a whole lot of experience from programming Pc-Dmis for windtunnel models.

    1) Ditch the external aligmnents
    2) Make sure engineering puts all models in aircraft alignments.
    3) dont use cad=part.

    do you use verisurf?

    i'll finish the rest in a bit


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      4) Do whatever external things you do, (cuts, slices, .csv files etc.) in airplane coordinates.
      5) Start your Pc-dmis program with the CAD Model first.
      6) Take your manual hits as programed from off the model (offline style)
      7) START THE PROGRAM, follow the programmed manual alignments, go DCC and smile.
      8) when all is said and done , you can export the IGS data and it will be in airplane coordinates into you CAD system.



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        9) buy me lunch.


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