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    Morning all, I have created 2 custom tool bars and every once in awhile they completely vanish and I cannot find them in the custom tool bar list and have to recreate them. The first time they vanished I did find them in the custom list but twice now I have had to recreate them. Is there anyway I can stop this from happening?

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    Are you using a Pre-set Window Layout? If your program was saved with a "Window Layout" active it will load it upon opening the program. So if your toolbar is not included in that view it won't load your custom one (I believe). This happens to me, might have been fixed with the newer versions. My suggestion is make a Window Layout with your custom toolbar in it, and just try selecting it when it disappears to see if it shows up again.


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      There should be a toolbar available to you called "Windows Layouts"

      Set your custom toolbars and everything just where you want it.

      Open the "Windows Layouts" toolbar and put it somewhere nice.

      There is a button on it that looks like a disk, and the tooltip says to Save Window Layout. Save the layout and name it, after yourself is a good name. This will add a button on the Windows Layout toolbar that is supposed to look like the PcDmis GUI, the tooltip will be your name.

      When your toolbars go away, open the Windows Layout toolbar again and load your layout.


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