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    I have a part that is not passing and now the customer is saying to use a projected tol, I think I understand GD&T but my question is will PCDMIS calculate it? Is that the "for axial features" section, and if so what do I use, from end point of axis?


    hatless Tom

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      I am not familiar with your version. But it is real easy and simple to do in V4.1 using XactMeasure GD&T. It also prints the exact FCF verbatim into the report, so no explaining to do to whomever wants to argue...

      I don't know whether this is what you wanted to hear, but it would be a way out.

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        I have done true positional tolerances that have a projected distance on them.
        There may be another way but here goes. Measure your feature (bore) as a cylinder. You can construct an offset point with that cylinder by your projected distance from that cylinder. Then tolerance the true position of that point. You can also tolerance the perpendicularity of that cylinder back to a plane with a projected distance.
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          gd&t for projection

          hatless tom
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            You are right the Axial Features Options are used for projected tolerance zones prior to v4.0. Enter the projection distance into the Reference Distance text box.

            Use the radio buttons(options) to select were you want the projected Reference distance to start from.

            You can also highlight your True Position dimension and press the F1 key to open the help. This gives you more details into how the Axial Features can be used.

            Hope this is helpful.
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              Thanks for the confirmation, I have yet to recieve a distance to be used for this. I doubt this is going to make the part "good"

              hatless tom


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