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  • Sp25

    I'm running 3.7 Mr3, on a 7.10.7 Global
    Most of my programs are running at 70% (max mach. 400mm/sec) and some
    are at only 50%.
    I read a post a while back, many of you are running @ 100%.
    The problem I'm having is getting periodic false triggering. I even seen it when using the jog box.
    I have a 15 port rack (using a sm1 & sm2) and all stylus holders are under the Renishaw recommended max lengths.

    Any input greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Jay Gus

  • #2
    Jay - Could be that stylii used may be heavier than probe module can handle without false trigger...lenght maybe ok but that depends on size say 5mm ruby by 60mm long on medium force could cause false trigger when moving max speed.

    Either change size or module if not try EDIT => PREFERENCES => PARAMETERS => Probe Trigger options... check out settings - modify to suit your need.

    PC-DMIS CAD++ 3.7 from 4.2 MR1


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      try to run at max - but reduce the acceleration from perhaps 2500 mm/s2 to about 1500.

      Or even go to 1000. The machine are moving better, and the measuring time for the whole program are now increasing very much.

      Hape it will work for you!



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