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    I have run into an interesting situation with my cad files in version 4.1.

    I have been jumping in and out of two different programs today so that I can verify parts as they are running. Every time I close the program my cad file size increases. The file size almost doubles every time the program is closed.

    As you can imagine, it doesn't take too many times of doing this and pcdmis will lock up and not open the program. If I delete the cad file I am able to open the program. I then need to import the original cad file back into the program. All is well until I close the program and re-open it, then the cycle starts all over again.

    Has anyone noticed this issue, or do I have one of my setting wrong? Any ideas on this one?

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    Neal, if you've created the theoreticals from the cad file you do not need to re-import the cad. Try running without the cad once (if you can) and see what happens. We've had some unusual things happening with our graphics that we can't figure out either or B&S but that was one.

    One other odd thing we had happening is we would import a cad file, program offline to it and then close it to open it an run it. When we would then open the file the graphics would look like it had been scaled, B&S thought maybe it was something in the iges translations from Metric to English but we had been doing straight forward English only translations.

    We are currently having troubles with seeing the hit vectors in auto features and scans at the present time. Any help on that would be appreciated.


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      Thanks, and yes, I can run it without re-importing the cad. This does eliminate my ability to be able to show the customer where the points fall on the model.
      At this point I can't give you any suggestions with your hit vectors. When I get to work tomorrow I will take a closer look.

      Thanks again


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