SP600 recommended scanning speed with an 8mm by 100mm probe

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  • SP600 recommended scanning speed with an 8mm by 100mm probe

    Ok, so I lost all my notes from the scanning class. What do you guys recommend for a scanning speed with an SP600, PH10MQ, on an exel chameleon 20-12-10 machine.
    Also, does anyone remember if the scan speed field used to be part of the scanning dialog box back in 3.7? or was it under the edit/preferences/opt. probe?
    We have a program that we used to run in 3.7, and we recently switched over to the 2013 MR1. Where we used to get similar readings on diameter size with our CMM against the air gage we use on the shop floor, we are now off and showing out of spec with the CMM. I have already fixed the filtering that was non-existent in the scans (not sure how we ever got that to work), and now am looking at the scan speed.
    We have been able to get closer with our readings, while manually turning down the speed on the machine during the scans.
    Currently, this program scan speed is set at 10mm/sec which I am thinking is too fast for our setup?

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    The scan speed should be based on your point density. Assuming your controller samples the probe position every 10 ms and you wish to scan 5 points per millimeter than your scan speed should no more than 20 mm/sec (probe moves distance of 0.2mm for each point no faster than 0.01 seconds = 0.2 / 0.01 = 20 mm/sec).

    If you have your point density set larger than 10 points/mm your scan speed is too fast. Less is sometimes better.


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      Editing a comment
      how can we tell what speed the controller samples at?

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