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  • Rad with Small degree of arch

    Hello all, I am new to pc-dmis and trying to find the time to learn it better so I thought someone here could help me get some ideas on how to measure this plate that got dumped off on me today.
    I am not getting very good results with the 55 degrees of arch and the 3.260 rad. Look at the attached print and tell me if this can even be measured Accurately. any Suggestions would be great.
    I have always had crappy luck with these large rads. Normally In the past I would take a crap load of points and just bring them into cad and calculate it out that way but I am hoping there is an easier way because I have a crap load of them to check.
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    Polar radius is the only bone I can throw to you. Construct the theoretical center of the radius, or create it as a generic feature, align origin on that point, take vector points on the arc and dimension them as polar radius. I would think five point on each side of each slot should be plenty. It will still be a lot of points, but maybe not quite a crapload.

    I must say this looks like something that might be better checked with fixture, or a go/no gage. Either a single radius gage to check each slot, or a multiple radius gage to check all the slots at once depending on function and cost. But if you have that many of them to check and they come thru often it will not take the gage long to pay for itself in saved time. HTH
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      A couple of notes...

      Do you make letter holders/organizers?

      Stay away from where the radius blends to the flat for best results. You may also try measuring the R and then set it as the orgin. Then, re-measure the R using the orgin as the center of the R. That way, you can be fairly certain your approach vectors are good.

      I agree with Wes that a Go/NoGo might work well for you. I can't see what your tolerance is so that may eliminate a Go/NoGo type gage.


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