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    Hello Folks,

    I have a typical part with datum "A" (level), "B" (origin), and "C" (rotation).

    The part locates on a fixture. The fixture has 3 tooling balls. My alignment is ok. Program runs ok. Running v3.7mr3.

    There is a callout on the print that goes like this; |Profile 0.2|A|B|C|. I have been asked to do this; |Profile 0.2|A|.
    How can I accomplish this? How do you take out the influence of datums "B" and "C"?

    There is another sub-datum called D,E,F, that has a small surface with a profile callout like this |Profile 0.5|D|. Datum "D" is a small face about 1/4" square. I take 3 points on an equally small face that is approximately parallel to "D".
    Again how do you properly set this up? With respect to this particular surface, I've also been asked to report it out to |A| only. How??

    Thanks in advance for your assistance in this matter.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Warcholyk,

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    Doing this in the latest V4.1 is a breeze!!!! You can use the XactMeasure GD&T for that. I have extensively tested it and it works!

    PC-DMIS/NC 2010MR3; 15 December 2010; running on 18 machine tools.
    Romer Infinite; PC-DMIS 2010 MR3; 15 December 2010.


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      Do a best fit alignment of the features you want profiled and select the rotate and translate option in the dialogue box. This will release the rotational and translational degrees of freedom while maintaining the primary datum relationship that you measured the features in. Then dimension the profile in that alignment and your done.
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