Michigan PC-DMIS Users Group 10_26_06

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  • Michigan PC-DMIS Users Group 10_26_06

    Whos all going to attend? Topics are:

    PC-DMIS 4.0 -- questions and applications
    PC-DMIS Portable
    PC-DMIS Vision
    GD&T Within PC-DMIS

    If you want to go registration is through

    [email protected]

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    What's the chances of getting one of those set up near VA?
    ~Josh~ Giles Rescue "Ut ceteri vivant"


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      Is this for one day only? What part of Michigan (nearest Airport)?


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        Nearest Air Port is probably Ann Arbor. Here's a phone number to call for more info.

        Becca Hatfield 248-449-9400.


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          Airport?!?! Ummm unless it is way different than the set up that WI and IL have, I think you may be very dissappointed in what you get there if your coming all the way from Cali.. I have gone to them numerous times in my area. Don't get me wrong you will come away with some knowledge but it is not like a seminar or anything. If your in the area and can drive you should go. I enjoy going just to meet other users. Just my input. I have met a couple on here at them. Heck one of the popular guys here even gave his own session.


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            Originally posted by jkb_mcg
            What's the chances of getting one of those set up near VA?

            You can get one anywhere if you find someone to host it. Our supplier hosted one and I have pushed for them to host another but, he keeps suggesting that we host it. There was some informative things from the one that I went to - but, it was mostly a "***** session" from long time users. I was new to PCDMIS then (about 4 years ago).


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              For those in the UK (or if you really fancy a few days away have a look at this one http://www.lvmc.org.uk
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                Johnson - Thanks for the input. I'm entertaining the idea of going for that reason, to get some knowledge and to meet some fellow pc-dimisers...and to get away from the wifey for a few days...heehee...just kidding honey!And yes, I would have to foot the bill and hope for reinbursement from company.
                Bill, Thanks for the info.


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