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    I have always ran 4.3 Cad. Over the last couple months I decided to add on newer realeases up untill my sma exipration date. So I now have 4.3, 4.3mr1, 4.3mr2. Although I have struggle with the whole directory thing (making sure probe files and programs stay with proper versions). All my orginal programs have been created in 4.3 It allows me to use these program in the latest version, but hen I try to go back to the version it was created in I get a serialzation error telling me its been created in a newer version. Once I open a program written in 4.3 in 4.3mr1 or mr2 does it convert the program to the newest version? I don't want my programs all to be converted, I want too keep 4.3 programs seperate from 4.3mr1 or mr2. Will copying the program and rename it say "program_nameMR1" keep the orginal program good in just the orginal version 4.3 Thanks for any advice guys.

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    Yes, once you open and save a program in a newer version, it is "written" in that version, UNLESS you use the drop-down and do a SAVE AS and select the version you want. Not a good way to go IMO. I only ever run programs in the version they were written in.
    Originally posted by AndersI
    I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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      Thank you Matt. and I will take that advice. So I guess my few programs that I open to test 4.3mr1 are now mr1 programs now. The reason for going up is there was a few known issues in 4.3 The big one for me was the "circular move problem 255055" I had experience this issue on more then one occasion and thought for the new programs where I have to say hit a surface around a spigit that my machine would not do some weird I don't know where its going move and then head to its hit not in a non circular movement. Out of the list of fixes which was quite long I had only about 15 tickets that would effect me. Just shows how little I still know about this software. Thanks again Matt, good to see you back don't see you on this side as much since the color scheme change.
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        i think 'version' = schema. (i admit i don't know what that means! ) BUT, It SEEMS that the version of PC-DMIS (4.3, 4.3MR1, 4.3MR2...etc) is tied to the schema.
        go to:
        Help|About PC-DMIS| and in lower area you might see a 'schema' tab.
        click and you'll see all the schemas and their release counterparts. (maybe not available in 4.3?)
        I DO however, think that each release is saved to current schema/version, BACK-save to (pull-down menu) and force Demon to save in a desired previous version as Matt mentioned.
        I don't pretend to understand the whole scheme of it all, but am guessing that somewhere within the schema structure is why our favorite files get a serialization error when going from present tense to past tense.


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          I think "save as" for the few programms opened on MR1 would allow you to re-open in 4.3, without major problems...


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