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  • Edge scanning

    I was asked about edge scanning.

    I am using 3.7 MR1.... stable at the moment.

    Here is the deal.

    An open scan. Changing the points to edge points.

    To establish an open scan, you need a start, direction & end point. Here is the issue with 'edge' points. The start point needs 3 samples on the SURFACE then one on the edge. The direction point needs 1 hit on the edge ONLY. The end point needs 3 samples on the surface, then one on the edge.

    NOTE: The samples you take for these points only register by sound!!! No other indication says they are taken until you hit the third sample hit, so make the points spread so it can read the surface

    Excercise your mind,..... muscle works better than fat!!

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    what was the question?


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      The problem was started as the machine driving to Hong Kong when the scan started. The thought was whether it was a software/controller issue.

      Been there, done that. This is a 30 grey hair issue that I had a while back & solved. Just posting it for info's sake & to share.
      Excercise your mind,..... muscle works better than fat!!


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