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    how can I make page brakes in a Hyper report. I need to separate surface points, edge points, datums, other features in diferent "chapters".

    Thanks i advance

    Martin from metrologia

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    You might find it easier to create seperate reports, multiple page reports can be messy. In Hyper Report Editor on the bottom toolbar you have an option "Layers Sheet", this adds extra pages. When you have a feature on your first page right click it and you'll get an analysis window, click "Events" and at the bottom you should see "EventPumpData" and across from it "None", click "none" and insert this: If curpage=1 Then this.visible=1 Else this.visible=0
    This ensures that this feature is only visible on the first page. For features on the second page curpage=2 etc.
    Its been a few years since I had to do a Hyper Report but this should point you in the right direction and for version 4 onwards forget all of the above. Although i've heard B&S are backtracking and in the newer versions you will be able to edit and create the "old style" Hyper Reports.
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      Don't get too attached to your hyper-reports, in V4 and up, you can no longer create them. It will still USE them (as much as any version properly uses something from a previous version, HA), but you can not create them anymore. So, if you are up to date on your SMA, kiss goodbye the hyper-report when you upgrade.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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