Error Message When Trying To Access "Settings Editor"

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  • Error Message When Trying To Access "Settings Editor"

    Boss bit the bullet and upgraded our software from 3.7MR3 to 2013MR1. What a BIG difference! I'm feeling my way around the software trying to figure out all the new enhancements and I'm stumped on the report generation. I've figured out how to save as a .RTF file but when I open the file in Microsoft Word, it seems that the text isn't really text at all. Doing a search on this forum, I found that if I go into the "Settings Editor" and look for something called AMYUNI printing and change the setting from a zero (0) to a (2) it should fix the problem. Great! except for one minor problem... I can't get the Editor to open. I keep getting this error message (see attached). No matter if I have dmis running or not I keep getting this message. What the heck am I doing wrong???
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    OK I finally got the Editor list to populate and changed the setting... Viola!!! Problem solved.
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      Good work gsepan, Welcome to 203 MR1! Undoubtedly, it has a very different feel than 3.7 and will take some getting used to, but I think you'll like it.


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        The reason you got that message is because PCDLRN.EXE was still resident in the task manager. If you get that message again, open task manager and kill the PCDLRN.EXE process. Settings editor also likes to keep the PCDLRN.EXE process open after you close it so it's always a good idea to check after you close settings editor, before you run PC-DMIS if you've done a settings change.
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