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  • Iterative alignments

    I have an iterative alignment made up of six vector points, the vectors of the three points that perform the level and the vectors of the two points that perform the rotate are all different to their related points. When the iterative alignment is finished I get an alignment error outside of my fixture tolerance at some of the points. Does this mean that the alignment is impossible because of the variable vectors or does anybody else have any ideas?

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    I use iterative alignments quite a lot and although good, can be a pain at times hence I renamed them "irratating" alignments. A few points to watch out for

    1. Make sure the vectors of the level, rotate and origin points are as close to 90 degrees apart as possible, ie level vectors 0,0,1, rotate vectors 0,1,0 and origin vector 1,0,0
    2. I have found that a target value of 0.25mm and fixture tol of 1mm works for most applications

    Hope this helps


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      I always use measure always.
      Set the fixture tolerance a little larger on the manual, then tighten as possible on another DCC alignment.

      Just remember, the iterative has to solve the same as if you were fixturing. If a fixture could hold it with the points you take, then you are good.
      Excercise your mind,..... muscle works better than fat!!


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        The alignment still solved
        this is letting you know how much the points were off
        say you set .50
        anything over .51 will show up as error
        all else not showing up is below .50
        DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:


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          If I have entered measure all always and it still comes up with a deviation greater than the fixture tolerance set this means it cant do it, right? The vectors are actually a fair amount off their datum axes but there is nothing I can do about that, the datums are where they were put by some shiny bum at the customer


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