I know this is Dataview but....

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  • I know this is Dataview but....


    I know there is a seperate forum for Dataview/Datapage questions but I think this forum has more viewers so....

    I need to create a dataview report with no model & no leader lines going into space. I just want my charts on the page along with the header & stuff. Is this doable??

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    Not that I know of. An entry for the AS3 file is required.


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      On the subject of dataview, is there any way of electronically storing or emailing dataview reports, much as I like them my inability to store them electronically reduces their usefulness


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        Many people use "CutePDF" to print to pdf. I think this is a free driver.


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          If you want a report without a picture, why not just use Datapage itself? OR, do you ONLY have Dataview?
          Originally posted by AndersI
          I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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            I think datawiew is an add on for datapage.

            Datapage does sound like your answer. Try doing a multichart report. Make sure you set the preferences first, so you only get the readouts you want.
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              I use CutePDF for getting hard copies and saving results. I don't have problems and the customer likes getting this.


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                why i need dataview

                I need dataview because i have 168 dimensions being reported. Datapage will not let me have multiple charts per page. I use dataview with other part programs but they all have models.

                Bottom Line I can not give my boss a 168 page report every monday

                If any one can help I will send you free beer Only Becks Dark or Newcastle


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