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  • Angle rotation

    Hi everybody
    I have a simple question. Let say I have a part, top plane is-A-, Cir1 is -B- origin. Cir2 is -C- axis. But, 2 circles are not straight, so I need the angle to rotate the axis. However, the print is not giving specific distances .
    My question, is there any ways to find the nominal distances between two circles by using Cad or I have to contact Engineering Dept. to find distances for me ?
    Usually, I got Cad and the print with fully specific distances. This is the first time only Control frame callout on print,so I need the Pcdmis expert in this forum giving me the answer.
    Thanks alots

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    Finding the angle is easy, but you need the distance from -B- to -C- for X & Y or however your measurement scheme is to calculate. If you have the cad you can use that, if not then contact someone who can pull up the model for you.
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      So let me get this straight. You have Datum A as a plane, Datum B as a hole and Datum C as a hole? Now, you can level to A and set B as your orgin but you need to use C to rotate. I am assuming a line drawn between B and C is not parallel to or perpendicular to the way your basic (boxed) dimensions are shown. So, you would have to rotate to this line but offset the rotation by and angle. It sounds like this angle is not given on your print. I am guessing you were thinking of using trigonometry to calculate the angle from the basic dimensions giving the location of C relative to B.

      It sounds like your print also doesn't have these basic dimensions. It sounds like your print just has feature control frames such as true position. Without any basic dimensions these feature control frames are useless - especially since you can't properly align without the basic dims.

      If I have understood the situation correctly you need to talk with engineering about updating the print and adding the basic dims.


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        This sounds like a time for ITERATIVE-AL MAN!

        If you know the nominals and IJK of all the features, an ITERATIVE alignment will take care of the rotation for you.
        Originally posted by AndersI
        I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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          Why not use an iterative alignment?

          Level to minimum 3 points on "A" plane.

          Rotate beween "B" and "C" datums.

          Origin on the "B" datum.



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            Goodluck say axactlly in my case. In order to rotate the axis, I need basic dimension to calculate the angle. But it deos not have distances.
            Hello Matthew. I have learned alots of things about PCDMIS from this forum. Thanks. The ways you said I really confuse. Could you explain more details? I am very appreciate


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