Help Building "L" shaped tool.

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  • Help Building "L" shaped tool.

    I can not seem to get the angle correct when I build an "L" shaped tool.

    This is how I build...
    1) TP20 - shows good in the graphic
    2) 100mm ext - shows good in the graphic
    3) Knuckle - shows good in the graphic
    4) Tip 1.5 x 20 - shows good in the graphic

    My problem is... the TIP points in the "munus Z" direction in the graphic. I need the TIP to point outward, in the "minus Y" direction in the graphic.

    How do I tell the new Tool File that I want the "L" shaped tool to stick out in the 'minus Y" direction and will this show good in the graphic when I'm done?

    Then, will I have trouble calibrating this new tool?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have a tip like this. What I did was instead of a 90 degree knuckle, I told the software I was using a star probe, but with only one tip. The probe description reads:

    Connect: EXTEN5WAY
    Empty Connection #1
    Empty Connection #2
    Empty Connection #3
    Empty Connection #4
    Tip #1: TIP2BY40MM

    Note: mine points in the Y+ direction. I think you would need your tip in the #3 slot to be Y-, but you can use trial and error to get your tip to appear correctly in the grapics. Then do a manual calibration followed by a DCC calibration and all should be well. HTH
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      Try to change the shank vector of the tip.

      Probe - Select A0B0 - Edit - set for I=0 J=1 K=0 Ok. If you want to use more angles , you need to change also Z and Y offsets.

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        Try Double Clicking On Your Knuckle And Changing It By Typing In A 90º OR -90º , This Should Flip It Around For You.
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