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  • Multiple parts in one program

    When running a loop to run multiple parts, how can you
    1. Set up tracefields for serial number and fixture numbers for each part
    2. have each part print to a PDF after complete and or print all together
    3. use the external command for datapage2012



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    This can be as simple or complicated as you want to get. On the simple side you just put everything that you want to loop inside the loop. So the program executes, the loop starts, and the first thing that happens inside the loop is the population of the tracefields, then the inspection, then the reporting. If everything is inside the loop the dimensions will write to the report each time through and you'll see data for each part run in the final report. I'm guessing that you will want to put your stats output command in the loop as well so you get an export for each instance.

    You can also dimension outside of the loop by referencing each element of the arrays that are created by the loop. This is handy if you want more control over the organization of the report. For example, you want to see the report grouped by feature instead of by part.

    This stuff is easy to test. Just write yourself a very simple offline program with a couple of features and experiment with placing the different commands inside and outside of the loop to see how it behaves when run offline. If you want to try putting the print statement in the loop so you get a separate report each time through remember to investigate the "previous instances" parameter. This will determine whether data from previous runs is stored or deleted when the print statement executes.

    Also keep in mind that there are several ways to create a loop in PCDMIS and I think the canned "loop" function can behave a bit different in some situations than using the "Do until" or "While" commands to create a loop. I only ever use the later two so your mileage may vary.
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