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  • PC-DMIS and Infinity QS

    Is there anbody out there that has imported PC-DMIS data directly into InfinityQS? That's our SPC package and they claim a PC-DMIS importing utility. How would I go about preparing datafiles for this utility?

    Any info would be welcome!

    Thanks, Jan.
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    You will probably need to contact the vendor of InfinityQS to get specifics, but I'll take a stab at it. Insert>Stats>Transfer>SPC Database. After that I don't have a clue. Probably didn't help hey?

    James Mannes


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      Jan I've worked a little bit with Infinity QS and PCDMIS trying to get them to work together.

      They have a nice online help feature on their website where I had to log in and allow one of the techs on their side to take control of my computer. We basically went through the setup together. From what he told me, it does not directly import data from PCDMIS. The data has to be exported to a text file and has to be in columns in order for Infinity's PCDMIS Import utility to work. I'm not sure what kind of updates they have since then, but you should call them for a setup demonstration online. Make sure you talk to a tech and not the sales guy
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        @ Underspec
        how do you have it programmed in PC-DMIS? is this right? i am trying to do it with DATAPAGE RT.

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          Then at the end of your program you will need a stats transfer command. This is where you create a folder for everything to be stored after transfer..
          Then you can go to your infinity and set it up to import the data from file that will be created in that folder
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            I have realize this.
            I made sure my transfer match the infinity keywords. That fixed my issue. If you like to explain more in-depth let me know.


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              You need to replace the DPUpdate file with the Infinity QS Version of DPUpdate as John Kugler had said in an earlier post.
              You will find the correct file in the C Program Files (x86) - Infinity QS International - ProFicient - Applications folder.
              The Icon has the graphic from Infinity QS.

              The difference being - one launches the Datapage update program, the other launches iiPCDMIS Launch Utility.

              I suggest renaming the original as DPUpdate_old or something to identify it correctly - don't just delete it before copying new DPUpdate to the correct location.
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                Copy. It’s all working good now. Thank so much! I really can’t thank you enough. Thank you !


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