Using the looping function to measure multiple parts on a pallet

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  • Using the looping function to measure multiple parts on a pallet

    Hello, I am a novice operator of a Browne and Sharpe ONE cmm running PC-DMIS 2013 and I would like some help in setting up my program to measure multiple parts set at specific locations on the table. Picture a row and column of parts evenly space from each other in simple custom made fixtures. I manage to get the looping function to measure one part, then move on to the next part, but I cannot get it to go and measure the third part. Does the position of the Looping function in the command line (V_) matter? I place V1 just before measurement of the first feature and then an End Loop command at the very end of the program. The settings for the Number of parts=2, Start=1, with and offset of X=9. It successfully runs to measure both parts. Now how do I add a third part on the table located X=0, Y=11 and Z=0. I have tried adding another looping command at the beginning and the end of the program, but to no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a picture of my setup with intentions of eventually adding more part to the pallet.
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    This is how I do this.

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                A BUNCH OF CODE
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      I will try to work with this when work permits. I appreciate the response. I also forgot to ask how I may be able to get the reports to print out after each part measured instead of one long report? I have had success on other CMMs with different software, but nothing I have tried yet with PC-DMIS has worked for me. Thanks in advance...


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        I believe if you add a print command before LOOP/END, it will print the report before the next loop. That's how I got mine to work before. Hope it helps
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          Are these fixtures left on the table? Used a lot? Do you run the same prg on other CMMs?

          You can create a new program to take manual hits on your fixture. Create and alignment and then go to Insert-> Alignment-> Save. Make an alignment for each fixture.
          Now the program for your part should recall the external alignment that you saved for that fixture you are running.
          If one fixture is moved just rerun the Fixture alignment program for that fixture and save it to overwrite the old one.


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