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  • 2012 SP3 Profile Graphical Analysis

    I don't know if anybody else has had this issue but I create autofeature analog scans and it is about a 50% chance that when I do a graphical analysis on the profile dimensions of them I will get arrows showing deviation. I think I have ******* this!
    I turned graphical analysis on at the dimension in the program and tried turning the multiplier up.. no arrows, just a color line.
    So then I made sure I was at the end of the program, went to INSERT/REPORT COMMAND/ANALYSIS - Selected the profile dimensions and pressed 'VIEW WINDOW' (that is where the screenshot is taken). Then I went into 'options' and messed with size and dimension options until everything was set up the way I wanted it (found the toggle to show min max points to which production loves) and it worked! I inserted the analysis view command into the report and now the graphic is right in the graphic window and on the report!
    I still have the graph=on for the dimension in the edit window but now I actually get arrows to show me deviation instead of just a color line.

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