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  • Parallelism strategy

    Anyone have anythought about how to go about this? See the photo.

    The Square bare at the low end and the spindle at the high end need measured for Parallelsim. I have take planes on both side of the bar and created points that insterct then drew a line.

    Took three different circles on the spindle and drew an auto line through it.

    Make one of them a datum and measure. Is this a sane way to go?
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    What you did for the spindle sounds good.

    I'm not clear on what you did on the square bar. You do need to get something that you can use to dim the parrellism in 3D. It sounds as if maybe you only have something 2D.


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      sounds right to me.
      I would align and set to the spindle and check the square tube. Without knowing the piticulars would seem to be the easiest.


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        For the sqaure tube I made a small plane on two sides at one end and projected lines that intersected for a point. Did the same thing at the other end of the tube, then drew a line between the points assuming that was the center line of the tube.


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          Try a line at 2 different depths on each side of the square. I have seen the intersect line between 2 planes not produce a line capable of establishing parallelism.

          Excercise your mind,..... muscle works better than fat!!


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