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  • 4.1 True pos of a slot

    I can’t figure out how to enter the tolerances for size of the slots and datum features I have tried dimensioning the sizes out before the TP dim. But it’s not filling in the tol.

    Any help would be great besides use Legacy Dim.

    Thanks much
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    My experience is that the XactMeasure GD&T is also trying to prevent you from doing something that is not a valid FCF call-out. But it does never tell you it is doing that. It just refuses to enter new lines in the edit window.

    I have found that many time XactMeasure is right. What you try to do is probably not supported by Y14.5 rules. But sometimes (like in the case of composite profile tolerances) you run into a bug.

    Try this: first take all material conditions off. If it allows you to add the code in the edit window, proceed to add material conditions one by one. Until you find where it has the problem. Then ask yourself whether that call was per the spec in the first place. Sometimes you may just run into FCF that is plain against the standard (as if that ever happened!!!!!!!!!!).

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