calibrating probe tips in a 5way center

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  • calibrating probe tips in a 5way center

    should the theoreticals (x,y,z) be satisfied when calibrating probe tips specially on a 5way center?

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    I have seen a TP-20 5-way on the probe build choices.

    Other than that, it sounds like one of those reality shows, or, or, or,.....something to do with farm animals.

    PLEASE do clarify?
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      are you asking this because you are getting an error when trying to calibrate a 5way center star probe config?


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        The theoreticals for any tip configuration are not nearly as important as the standard deviation. I was told in class you should never accept deviation greater than .0004". One thing I have found useful whenever I am unsure of a tip is the "Qualification Check" box of the calibration window that comes up after you click "Measure". When you check this box the CMM runs thru the calibration cycle, but does not alter the probe data, instead it reports what the sphere checked. This gives you a good idea of how accurate your probe is. If you want to know more about it's accuracy you need to check other types of features created from standards of known value, (gage blocks, set rings, your master part, [you do have a master part don't you? It is a great way to keep up with machine!], etc.)
        As the others said, more info would help us to narrow in on your problem. HTH
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