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  • 4.1 upgrade issue

    Recently upgraded 3 CMMs from 3.5/3.7 to 4.1. Two of the three upgraded with few or no issues and are working fine. The third was left alone for a few weeks as 4.1 wasn't needed immediately (The dll file issues were occuring so we stuck with 3.5). This computer then it had a fatal error due to someone downloading files he shouldn't have been onto that computer .

    Finally got the computer back after two weeks and attempted to move the comp.dat, sysparam.dat, and downl.oad files from the old directory (C:\PCDMIS) to the new directory (C:\Program Files\WAI\PC-DMIS V41). With these changes the "requires downl.oad" error no longer occurs, but when PCDMIS is started it loads to the main screen and freezes.

    The computer with the issues is a 2.8 GHz Pentium 4 qith 1G of RAM, running Windows XP Professional (Service pack 2), and is working with a Brown & Sharpe Xcel.

    I want to just reinstall windows and start the entire process from scratch, but I'm trying to cover my bases to see if anyone here as any clue what could help before I go that far.
    Who am I, where am I, what's going on?

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    Hi there, I went through this same exact issue just last week. I eventually had to format the drive and start over. I believe some of the issue was due to the way certain permissions were set on the machine as well.

    I had the .dll errors initially when I installed 4.1, and I have two logins. One was supposed to have admin privileges and the other was just a user. I noticed that the dll errors were on both logins. After the format, I know for sure I have full admin privileges on one id and user on the other, but, the dll errors still happen on the user id, and not the admin. It appears that something in 4.1 requires certain registry values to be written everytime it opens, so you may talk to your IT group concering permissions for your particular login and see if that helps at all. If not, that is all that I know of. Obviously, it is related to some system instability in Windows, but, I am not certain what or where so just for all around system health, you may want to just do the format and re-install.

    Hope this helps!


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      Thanks, I'll check with the IT guys and see whats up.
      Who am I, where am I, what's going on?


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