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  • Tool changer problems

    We purchase used Brown&Scarp Scirroco with Leitz interface and Trax probing system. Machine works with Quindos 6.0, we verified toll changer and it works. We changed to PC-DMIS and tool changer does not work.

    We tried out different versions of PC-DMIS all with active Tool-changer OPTION license (we can calibrate tool changer) and in all versions automatic tool-changing does not work.

    We also tried different Leitz sensor types (LSPX5, SIRIO Analog) and different tool-changer types, no success. We also verified all possible settings in the registry, no success.

    Any suggestion is appreciated.

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    It might help elaborating on the "does not work" part...
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      When it should approach to tool changer to change the tip, PC-DMIS popup prompting for changing the tip. Then we change the tip manually and PC-DMIS continue. There is no error or any other message.


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        Then your PC-DMIS is not configured for the changer and/or the probe file is not associated with any slot (which actually is part of the changer configuration).

        Edit --> Preferences --> Probe Changer
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          I think that tool changer is calibrate and slot setup correctly (please see screenshots)


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            I know this may sound strange but it appears you don't have dcc turned on for the probe change.
            Either that or the mount point is not defined.
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              Originally posted by Sonet View Post
              We also tried different Leitz sensor types (LSPX5, SIRIO Analog) and different tool-changer types, no success. We also verified all possible settings in the registry, no success.
              This part scares me a bit. It sounds like you are not sure which probe changer you actually have, at least in terms of what PC-DMIS calls it. Perhaps you can include some pictures of the probe and toolchanger so we can help to identify them?


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                Originally posted by pwhitsa View Post
                dcc turned on for the probe change.
                Is there any additional DCC for the probe change than MODE/DCC for running program?


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                  No, The program runs in DCC, and whenever it encounters a LOADPROBE command it performs the moves necessary to go directly from its last position to the toolchanger's Mount Point. Then, when the change cycle is complete, it will go directly from the Mount Point to the program's next command. This probe change cycle could cause trouble if you are not aware of it, but make sure the program uses sufficient clearance plane values or move points so that it does not crash during this function.


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                    probe0001.jpgprobe0002.jpgWell, maybe you are right about probe changer type. But PC-DMIS does not know what probe changer is really there, he trust our definition. We try with different types if some combination of changer and probe is not supported. To my understanding program should approach tool changer regardless its correct type, but in our case it ask to manually change the tool.

                    I am attaching probe and changer pictures


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                      I've worked with a lot of probe changers and probes, but neither of those that you have pictured. What I can tell you is this. If the probe components don't match what the rack is expecting, that is the behavior you will get. For example, if you try to use a Renishaw probe with a Tesa rack, it will ask you to load the probe manually. If you try to use an SP600 probe with a TP200 rack, it will tell you to load the probe manually. It doesn't stop you from selecting any probe file name for any slot, but it will not make the change for you. Can this be the case for you? Make sure you use the correct probe components and the correct rack reference.

                      Look at this article, specifically the last picture. It seems to show the same system you've pictured -


                      This would imply that you have a Cygnus. Have you identified the probe rack and the probe as Cygnus types?

                      In one of your attachments, you did list the changer type as Cygnus. Can you show what you have defined for the probe assemblies?
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                        It seems this is our problem. probe components don't match what the rack is expecting. As I mention in my first post, we have TRAX probe and Cygnus changer. This is exactly the combination from the article above. And yes, our configuration works in QUINDOS, the same as from the article. Looks like we will need to switch from PC-DMIS to QUINDOS to be able to use changer.


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                          With the right combination of probe definition and rack definition, it will also work in PC-DMIS. Are you defining the probe as the PROBELEITZTRAX. If that is the case you should be defining the tool changer as PMMC. This has the same tool changer calibration procedure as the CYGNUS but will work with the PROBELEITZTRAX arm.


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                            Biiiig thanks. We struggled with this for one month, we though we need to learn Quindos. Sorry, but you are too far away to invite you for a beer...


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                              Glad to help, but I have to admit that I had help here. I'll have a glass of wine tonight and toast your success


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