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    We have a "surprise" glich that we have never seen before. A porgram was created and we are using Surface points with 3 initial hits and 0 Permanent hits. Currently we are using 3.5 release2. We are seeing the approach vectors for the already established surface points changing by as much as 45° and then moving into the part. Though the actual vector values established by the initial 3 points never change in the command screen! CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH THIS ONE? just a note: If we retake a new surface point with the same locations and use 3 initial and 3 permanent hits the actual values are different between the two
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    Are you programming off a model? I've noticed that sometimes when you are close to an edge or surface knit, the vectors can get skewed.
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      The problem is you are using a porgram. Try a program


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        I had something similiar happen this week. I was programming to a cad model, wrote the program came back in the next morning, and all of my approach vectors had changed drastically. I had it programmed to take straight line moves in the I & J vectors only. Came in the next morning and the darn thing had K vector approaches, and the I & J's were far from being straight moves.

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          i have had this same thing happen while using an iterative alignment with a large search radius.



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