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  • PowerINSPECT 4.0 -vs- PC-DMIS

    I am looking for someone who has used both of these software products to check 2D and 3D aerodynamic surfaces. I have experience with PC-DMIS but have changed jobs and no longer have it. In stead, my new place of employment has a Romer Arm running PowerINSPECT 4.0. I am new to this software. The management team has purchased a Sheffield RS150 DCC CMM and want to use this PowerINSPECT 4.0 software on it. I am not sure that this is a good idea, but that is just a suspicion on my part. I'm thinking that we need PC-DMIS on this CMM. Any experienced comments will be appreciated.

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    We run PC_DMIS on three DCC machines but about two years ago we purchased a FARO arm and because of costs they put PowerInspect on it. I have had the misfortune of being trained to run this when they need 2D checks done on something.

    We have PowerInspect Version 3. something and for 2D measurements it seems very limited in my opinion. It is more user friendly and quicker to learn than PC-DMIS, but PC-DMIS will run circles around it with what it is capable of.

    As for 3D measurements, that's what we use it for 95% of the time and it is fine on a portable arm. The only problem we've had with it is when we deal with irregular shaped parts, the alignments seem "boxed" meaning it tells you how to do them, which is fine if you have a plane, a line and a circle.

    In summary, I agree with you, PowerInspect is fine on a portable arm, but PC-DMIS on a DCC machine. PC-DMIS has certainly had it's issues and share of problems, but everytime I have to use PowerInspect it makes me appreciate PC-DMIS more and more.


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      not sure if this says alot about the software but if you go the cmmtalk site and look at the amount of threads for pc-dmis vs the amount of threads for PowerINSPECT - there are 1131 threads for pc-dmis and 3 for PowerINSPECT.


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        winston makes a good point.......fewer issues with PowerInspect
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          Originally posted by bob mappes
          winston makes a good point.......fewer issues with PowerInspect


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            or fewer users?
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              PowerInspect is supported by Hexagon on Romer / Cimcore product only. The forthcoming PC-DMIS 4.0 will have a "portable" module specifically geared to our arm product lines (Romer is one) , which works similar to the bridge-type CMM version. Since you have a Sheffield (another Hexagon brand), you could outfit them both with PC-DMIS and have commonality quite easily.
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