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  • 4.1 Reporting Issue

    Is it something I am doing, or does PC-DMIS just not want to show measurement results in the edit window on geometric dimensions? I have dimensioned a part I ran and found the Xact Measuring dialog has taken the place of the old style, which looks kind of cool and I like the way the datums are defined. However, I noticed that when I leave the program, and come back in, these dimensions have disappeared from the report, and in the edit window they have become comments which state this operation is not supported in this version.

    If it isn't supported, then why on earth would you put it in there? I would like to use it to measure some of my parts just to test it out, but, this is torking me off a bit.

    Any ideas?


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    I agree, the XactMeasure GD&T is a huge step forward, however, it is a step backward that you can not see results in the Edit window.

    I use them a lot! In fact, almost exclusively. Mine never diappear from the report. They are always there.

    Did you properly define the datums? You may need to redo this in 4.1. You need to put in your datums by going under Insert/Dimension/Datum definition. Redefine the datums and I think you'll be all set.

    PC-DMIS/NC 2010MR3; 15 December 2010; running on 18 machine tools.
    Romer Infinite; PC-DMIS 2010 MR3; 15 December 2010.


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      Thanks Jan! That looks like it worked out for me. I found something in the insert menu that will show the old style dimensioning text for gd&t features and it will also show in your edit window. You will not be able to use the fcf's this way, but, it will be like the old method which is okay for me to.

      In the insert menu at the bottom, there is an option called use legacy dimensioning. If you check this, it will toggle to the old style.

      Thanks again,


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        Scratch that last one. The Xact dimension commands are still messing up when I leave the program and come back in. I don't want to have to do these things everytime I measure a part. That kind of defeats some of the purpose of having a part program.

        Apparently, there is some sort of setting that needs to be changed or something, but I sure don't know what it is. I definitely like the capabilities that the Xact dimensioning delivers, but, I can't have that kind of stuff happen. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate it.


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