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  • Jogbox failure

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Came back to work today to find both cmm's turned completely off.
    Usually leave the main power source on over the weekend....anyhow. The Global Advantage fired up with no problem.
    However the Global Image came up with TR_F132, Jogbox Key Fatal Failue. Read up on this here.....checked all wiring,
    looks fine. Since both cmm's have the same part no. on the jogbox I thought I'd try the Advantage's jogbox on the Image.
    Still did not work, the green light on the machine/start button won't stop blinking. Changed them back, was worried for a second
    because, the jogbox on the Advantage did the same thing for a few seconds then stayed lit, thus allowing me to start it up. Don't
    know where to go from here. Any ideas? thanks

    Ok, it's working now. I get this same problem after a Aplitude error, unless I push the machine around some (x & y axis)
    while it's turned off. After doing this the mach/start button stops blinking, after restart, and will fire up. So, solved my own
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    You can check that the block under the emergency button is corretly clipped.


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      When was the last time you cleaned the scales and rails?


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        Cleaned them this mornin. I try to do that at least once a week.


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          Originally posted by JEFMAN View Post
          You can check that the block under the emergency button is corretly clipped.
          Thanks I will look into that.


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