Selecting cylinder by clicking in "program mode".

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  • Selecting cylinder by clicking in "program mode".

    Hello !

    Like an "OLD Thread" said, to select a surface to measure, there is a grafical method :
    1. import cad model
    2. turn on program mode (ctrl+F4)
    3. 3d rotate model on screen to equal how its fixtured on table
    4. click on plane face to establish plane and press end on keyboard

    I'd have two questions :

    1) When I click on a CAD surface in "Program mode", a "UV Windows" appears, asking me how many points I want to measure in the directions U and V of the surface.
    Then, I have to construct the surface with this points.

    It is a bit "heavy", because in my program, for a simple plane for exemple, I have the 4 points to measure, and then the construction of the plane (5 lines).

    The method above says : "click and press end", not "click and say how many points in U V directions you want".

    How could I come back to the method above and directly measure the surfaces without those intermediary points ? : Where could be the little checkbox to check ?

    (Belive me, I would be very if you could tell me the answer !)

    2) When I want to select a cylinder, I only select a half of cylinder.
    So, it becomes very "non sexy" at all ! Because the student have to :
    - select the first half of the cylinder (~6 points)
    - select the second half of the cylinder (~6 points)
    - construct a cylinder with those two half (~12 points).

    Isn't it possible to directly select the complete cylinder? )

    Thank you very much for your attention,

    Guillaume MARTIN

    PS : Belive me, I know that the CAD part is often only a nice picture, and that in the industry, you are working much more quickly without this picture ! But I'd think that at the beginning, most of the students could need it to understand what they are doing ... that's a great challenge too !
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    (Windows NT / PC-DMIS 3.25)

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    Hi Martin

    I posted that instruction in the past

    What version are you using? I'm using version 3.5mr2

    3.5mr2 will do just what is stated in the instruction.....I can't say for sure what an older version will do and I cannot re-create the UV as you describe.
    This UV thing is NOT necessary, nor part of the instruction, or in a checkbox.

    when selecting a cyl you will most always get only half (due to the way it was modeled in CAD system)
    instead of selecting the cyl in "measure mode" use the "auto cyl" feature to create that feature offline.

    ~Mike N
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      The surface thing in program mode is due to surface geometry imported into PC-DMIS. It usually occurs in older versions like 3.25 and prior, but, I have seen it in 3.5 also just not nearly as often.

      That usually happens because the original CAD data was probably created in a Solidworks or Pro Engineer environment and when you import as iges into PC-DMIS, it treats the surfaces as solid mesh features. You most likely need to use auto vector points to combat this issue, that is what I use in 3.25 and it works pretty well. Just take 3 or how many points you need and construct a plane from them.

      As far as the cylinder, I agree with Mike, you will need to use the auto cylinder feature to get the whole cylinder. I would use 3 levels though, for some reason when using auto cylinder, they tend to lay down or appear skewed if you use the default of 2 levels. You also want to make sure that the start and end angles will result in a full 360 degrees.


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