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  • MIN Value on Max Inscribed Circle


    I was wondering if someone could explain how the MIN value of a Max Inscribed Cricle is caluculate in PC DMIS.

    Correct me if i'm wrong but the min is the max inscribed diameter.

    I am currently using version 3.7

    Diameter Max Inscribed.jpg

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    Im not sure if I understand the question but would your max diameter on the feature be your max inscribed circle? A circle is derived from points and the smallest a diameter can be made from the points would be your min dia. and the largest dia. from the points would be your max dia. I hope that kinda answer your question.


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      max size is the biggest circle that can be created with the points measured (least squares method), min is opposite.
      The actual is the size using the method you chose (max inscribed) which involves substituting a pin.
      How do you get such a massive form error on a hole?
      Map it out and you will see where the errors are and you will also see why the differences are so big.
      BTW turn off min max output unless you need it.
      See the difference in the z value using the different calculation types.
      min max is confusing the issue and is not relevant for most reporting outside of form and surface deviations.
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