Probe Tip Angle Change During Cylinder

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  • Probe Tip Angle Change During Cylinder

    How does one change probe angle and take another ROW of inputs in the middle of cylinder??? Hole is deep and thru part and Accessability is needed from other end to complete length of cylinder.

    Help!!!! any direction is much appreciated.

    TY Gary
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    probe a couple of rows of "points" at each end, then create your cylinder from them

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      You can do it several ways. Use clearplanes so you will come out of the hole after you take you points, change tip angle and go take more points. Do this as many times as needed. What I do is take 1 point say at 1,0,0 with a clearplane or move point and probe angle change, then I paste w/ pattern and it will do the rest. NOTE: if you use move points you will have to modify you moves so they don't hit anything. If you use clearplanes it works great. Hope this helps.
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        Can you do this(measure both ends of a cylinder) as part of an auto-cylinder or defined cylinder?
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