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  • Nc Cmm Fmea!

    Hello, I'd like to put together a Dmis FMEA for the few other users who use my prized machine. Have any of you guys put together anything like this? I'd like to see a few examples (if possible) to ensure that I'm on the right track.

    As always, Thanks.

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    Never done one before and i really don't see the need but I can try to throw out some failure modes........

    PORT LOCK WENT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!
    Defective Encoder
    Oil/water in Air supply
    Not enough Air flow
    Dirty Calibration Sphere or Probe
    AirHose rupture

    I think I'm giving you hardware issues........are you looking to do a FMEA for just the software????



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      What is the RPN on a bad portlock?
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        Basically stuff that can go wrong when I'm away )
        Recently jumped from 3.5 Mr 2 CAD
        to 2012 CAD++


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          Hate to break it to you, but I find the biggest FMEA issue is the programming: simple: it does NOT measure what is intended on the print. You can go around for days and find out that what was wrong was the program.

          In the programming is the biggest risk!

          The rest is mundane. Every now and then you need to clean filters or a probe goes bad. The filters is your PM. The probe issues you can catch by keeping an eye at form all the time.

          Another one is crashes on 3rd shift. Very difficult to catch because many of those operators - in my experience - never dare to own up to them. Running a machine checking gauge from Renishaw daily is a wonderful tool to try to keep an eye on those issues.

          Other than that, calibrate your machine at least once a year and keep your temperature at 68 all day, every day foreverandeverandeverandever....

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            HereĀ“s what I got:

            -Air pressue not unstable / Oil in air
            -CMM program not correct
            -Incorrect operator handling of machine (various issues)
            -Long Term Repeatability: varition of CMM not suited for tolerance
            -Short Term Repeatability: variation due to unknown sources (crash on 3rd shift)
            -Conditions of machine: temperature, oil from air, dust
            -Conditions of part: temperature, oil, burrs
            JOHNNY WIND, QA
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