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  • Calibration Issues!!

    What should the calibration settings be for this page (screen dump below) as i may have changed some of the settings and now all the probes and angles are measuring around 0.012 microns under the nominal diameter of the selected tip??
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    What version are you using pigface - sorry, I meant porkchop?
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      The image shows 3.7 MR3


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        Well done. Someone obviously didn't pay alot of attention to the attachment, not mentioning any names Virgil Uk!! Anybody got any ideas as i'm really stumped by this!! What's everybody else using for their setup?? Ta very much.
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          Well, is it a NEW probe you are using? Is there a different piece of hardware in the build-up? Is it a new cal-tool? 0.0005" is not much, depending on your machine it is probably less than the machine is capable of measuring correctly (machine specs). The biggest thing you need to worry about is the STD-DEV as it will show an out-of-round condition of the calibration. You can basically double the SD for the out-of-round (this is what I have found on tests measuring the cal-sphere when NOT doing a calibration). Is the touch speed different? Is the prehit retract different, is the speed on the joy-box at the same setting it has been at? Lots of possibles in this case. HOWEVER, as long as you use the SAME move speed and the SAME touch speed that you just used in the calibration, then your touchs will give good data in your inspectino routine (same prehit and retract would be a good idea as well).
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          I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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