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  • Slot TP?

    Hello Folks,

    I have a slot that is one of my datums, "C". Dtm "A" is the face of the part, and dtm "B" is a hole.

    I construct cast points out of B & C, and my iterative alignment works fine.

    When I report out the slot, C, with using mmc, why is it that it uses the bonus tolerance of the width of the slot and not the length ?

    The alignment levels out to "A", rotates between "B" & "C", and origins on "B".
    I'm using ver3.7mr3.

    Should I be reporting out only the long axis of the slot, as the alignment rotates about this feature?

    I'd appreciate your input on this one. Thanks in advance!


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    I don't know why it did that with the width. And yes you are only reporting the distance, or one axis. the other axis has been zeroed out in the alignment, so you could also do a 3d distance

    You can construct a point from the slot and tp that
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      set your cursor over the D (highlight it)
      and change it to LF
      DR Watson shut me down again !!!! :mad: Smoke break:eek:


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        What Jeffrey said: For some reason it defaults to D. If you want to true position the length, do what he said


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