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  • 3.7 mr 3 from 3.5 mr 2

    Good afternoon,

    We have just updated from 3.5 mr 2 to 3.7 mr 3, and apparently we missed something! After running a program from 3.5 in 3.7 we noticed the true position dimension messed up. It didn't calculated the true position. In 3.7 there is no deviation and of course the true position shows a perfect part. Do we have to go in and redimension everyone of our programs?

    We run a 7-10-7 and Windows 2000 OS.

    Thanks in advance.

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    OPPS! You found an "enhancement"! Pick one of your true positions from the edit window and open it with F9. You will see the check box that says "use datums" and in the window to the left you will see that you have selected not only the feature, but also one or more datums. If you are lucky you can uncheck the box and undo all the highlights, then only highlight the feature. If you are only slightly unlucky you will have to delete the trueposition dimension from the program and then recreate it, again, with the box unchecked and only the feature selected. You can use RFS, MMC, & LMC modifiers on the feature only. If you try to apply a modifier to any of the datums, pc-dmis will allow the alignment to "float" within the amount the actual for the datum deviates from the nominal based on the modifer applied to the datum. Still with me? I will post a doc in a few minutes about this. Basically if you apply a modifer to a datum in pc-dmis true position the software emmulates a hard gage giving you only a go/no go result. Note this is only 3.6 and up. Also note that you must be aligned to the datums structure specified in the FCF before you perform the trueposition dimension. Although you can measure the feature in any alignment. I hope I covered it all. If not someone will correct me quickly. HTH

    P.S. I have found some of my oldest programs, from 3.2063 will not work properly in 3.7 no matter what I do and I must rewrite them from scratch. That is if you are really unlucky, but hopefully that won't happen to you often.
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      Here is that doc.
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        A new enhancement to 4.1 (I know, you are using 3.7), is a FIT TO DATUMS check box in the 'legacy' True Position. By default, this is checked, giving you the current result you are seeing with 3.7 and MMC on datums (a virtual 'floating' coordinate system). If you uncheck this, PCDMIS will use the measured centers of the datums in the calculation, basically giving you the result you were 'looking for' in the first place.



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          I'm planning to upgrade from 3.5MR2 to 3.7MR3 also. Baiscally all my programs have been written in 3.5 release, MR1 & MR2. It sounds like it would be a good practice to check all the TPs when opening an earlier program in 3.7MR3.

          Or, do as Matt does and only run the programs in the version they were created in. But I hate the hassle with "update the probe file" thing when you have more than one version available.


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            Thanks for the replies, appreciate your time. We will F9 the dimensions as we go. Just so we remember.


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