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  • Hit Arrow Thingy

    Really technical title Huh?

    Ok, when I run programs sometimes the red arrows show up indicating where any manual hits should be taken. Other times they do not show. I haven't paid attention to whether it happens each way in the same program from run to run or if some programs have them and some don't.

    I would like these to show up all the time as it helps the operators get the vectors of manual lines correct.

    Any ideas?

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    Check the definition of the feature and make sure the position and the right vector direction is indicated. The arrow could be there and you just dont see it because it is going into the model or out into space somewhere.


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      Also, depending which version you're running, it was a fixed size. So, on a big cad file/part, it might be tiny and difficult to see. In more recent versions, it's user definable per auto feature.


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