4.1 has shut me down

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  • 4.1 has shut me down

    Good Friday morning.

    I need some help here. Here's the situation. I've been running 3.7mr2 on a B&S ONE with TP20 on a PH10T. Life is good.

    I finally got my 4.1 disc from B&S and loaded it. Opened it and tried a few programs from my 3.7 version. Seemed ok so far.

    Problem #1: Because I updated all my probes to the 4.1 format, I can no longer use any of my 3.7 programs because the probe files have been changed! I can't even re-build them in 3.7 at all !! Any help here?

    Problem #2: Ok so my probes work in 4.1 and the routines run ok, but either don't print or better yet, when I click on any report window, report view or any report loads, the whole thing locks up and shuts down.

    I have work to do here and I need some help.

    Peter DeGroot
    B&S Microhite v2012 cad++

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    Problem 2: not being able to print.

    Go to File/Printing/Report Window Print Setup.

    Works for the file print and the printer print.

    The DMIS output option ONLY works when you re-execute.

    PC-DMIS/NC 2010MR3; 15 December 2010; running on 18 machine tools.
    Romer Infinite; PC-DMIS 2010 MR3; 15 December 2010.


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      Problem #1...
      You do have the ability to save backwards you know? File>save(save as)>look for file type and choose 3.7 for version. Save your file.

      What do you mean you can't use your 3.7 programs? Switching versions does not preclude you from using old programs.

      James Mannes


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        You should be able to save probe file back in 3.7 too. It's in the Probe Utilities somewhere, where you can specify a 3.7 Probe File.

        The best thing to do when installing a new version is to clean up the registry from the old version. This makes PCDMIS run SMOOTH, and possibly even stop the crashing you are having. The are a couple ways to do this, but depending on the machine, you can cause a Machine Not Responding if you clean up too much. A ONE machine is easy to do this.

        If you are interested in doing this, Private Message me, and I can send you the details. I don't want to post this information in an open forum, as I noted before, improper use will render the machine worthless, and a call to B&S to get you up and running again.



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          Problem #1 - I am hoping that you did a backup of all your programs and probe files. If you had done this it would be a simple matter to go back to 3.7


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            OK - I'm chipping away at the stone here. I saved as 3.7 and it worked. I knew this but forgot. I have traded programs with customers who have earlier versions and it escaped me. OK - some of the panic has subsided.

            The reporting still seems to be a mystery although I'm coming out of the fog.

            When I click on the report view - still locks up. ....sometimes
            B&S Microhite v2012 cad++


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              If you've got a big part program, then (depending on which template you've selected) it can take a while for the report window to refresh.


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                Here's an update: I went back and saved all my production programs to 3.7 and I'm ok for this weekend's production. Thanks.... I was in a panic. Easy fix.

                I feel like I did when I started PcDmis. Setting up my views, toolbars, settings, printing templates and file destinations.

                Question for nkayWAI: How and where do I select report templates? And which has the least processing requirements?

                This is where I'm a bit lost........

                Thanks again.
                B&S Microhite v2012 cad++


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