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  • probe.dat

    anybody out there have a good understanding of the probe.dat? I have a 1mm by 10mm span star probe that is not in the file and i need to add it or at least find a way to get it to calibrate.

    thanks in advance
    version 3.7

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    You do kow you have to build star probes from your list of stuff right?
    When you say span I take it to mean you have 5, 1mm by 10mm styli on a star probe?
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    James Mannes


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      yes, i built it out of the probe box but it would not cal. It looks like my problem is the star probe i picked will not work with my sp 25 according to my local tech guy. That being said I can not run my TP 20 with my SP25 in version 3.7 I now have to upgrade to version 4.1 (they say it is fixed in 4.1). The software is free but they are recommending a profesional install


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