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  • Pc-dmis 4.2 Beta

    We still haven't upgraded to 4.1 yet but I'm curious is anyone running PC-DMIS 4.2 Beta? I'd like to install 4.1 and at least get familiar with it but the file we got from the FTP site didn't install correctly. We are using 4.0 for "transforming" our cad models but haven't fully implemented it.

    How's 4.2 Beta compared to 4.1 (if you are using it)?
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    PCDMIS 2012
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    Since 4.1 came out not too long ago, that means 4.2 won't be released for about another 5 to 6 months (my estimation) at the earliest. This means the Beta for 4.2 is still VERY Beta. Also, if you start using Beta versions, your programs created in the Beta will not be compatible with the official release of 4.2. However, they should be compatible with the following release (i.e. 4.3) if you can wait that long.



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