Code for Setting the Probe File Search Path?

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  • Code for Setting the Probe File Search Path?

    I was curious if anyone knows how to set the probe file directory search path via the code?

    I want to have the program change the Edit>Preferences>Set Search Path, settings during a "program initialization" subroutine which I'll create.

    The purpose of which is to have a separate folder which contains only my probe files, alignments and subroutines for each individual part program.(I'll have a seperate folder for each program, instead of everything being in a big folder of spagetti O's)

    Checking in the current directory would may be sufficient if PCDMIS continues to check for files within the higher level or subfolders of the current directory also (I don't think it does).

    Also the next computer that runs my program might not have the same preferences setup so I would still like to explicitly state the requested path for the previously mentioned variables.

    Thanks again,
    Mr. Comment
    SCIROCCO-NT 13-20-10
    B3C-LC Controller (Leitz Protocol), SP600M, TP200
    PCDMIS CAD++ v4.3 MR1(Build: 12/11/08)

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    The subroutine will inherit the path from the main program. There are some check boxes in the dialog. You can specify Current Path and/or specify a specific path. You can also select if the current path should be searched first or not.
    You cannot change this path via a program command.


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