Repeatable bug ? 3.7 MR3

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  • Repeatable bug ? 3.7 MR3

    Can anyone else repeat this or is it my graphics card...

    -F9 a measured point, line or plane that was made on the CAD graphic (IGES)
    -hit the 'display hits' button (a smaller 'feature hit targets'window comes up)
    -click 'OK' on the larger window not the 'feature hit targets' window (the hit arrows will stay on the CAD)
    -left mouse right mouse zoom on the graphics screen. SHUTS DOWN! every time!

    If the hit arrows are still displayed on the graphic after the 'F9' windows are closed and I try to zoom with the L/R mouse buttons it will crash.

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    Absolutly Greg I just tried it and got the exact same result. Pc-dmis crashes as soon as I tried to zoom in. It is not just your computer.
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      I discovered this one a while back. If the "hits" stay on the model after closing the dialog boxes, the very next action will result in an exit. It took me a couple power exits to figure this one out.
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        I have notified B & S about this and they were able to duplicate the same error .... they said they would add this to their list of known issues.


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