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  • New to Inspection!!


    Last week I was moved into Inspection b.c our Inspector is leaving this Friday.

    I have basic knowledge of the CMM. I actually have learned a lot in the past week.

    We run PC-DMIS Pro 3.7 on a B241...

    ...I was wondering if anyone knows where/if I can get training for this software on this machine?

    I'm located in Baltimore, MD

    Thanks for any info in advance!!

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    welcome aboard, Jsherv... not sure if Hexagon has training specifically for that release of PC-DMIS, but you could try the following to inquire:
    ph# 248.449.9450
    or someone like mr jjewell for personalized touch.

    obviously, you've come to a good place to ask questions...

    good luck, amigo!
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      Thanks! and thanks for the information, I'll see what I can find out!


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        If you have mulitple people to train the having them come to your facility is less costly.


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          It's just me.


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            Got a manual? If not download one from the Hexagon website (probably an archived file).

            It would be a good start.

            Find the help files and learn what the F1 key does.


            sigpicHave a homebrew


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              Welcome to the dark side ....


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                Welcome to the Quality game. I've been an Inspector for my company for about 5 1/2 years, and have self taught myself PC-DMIS on an older ('96?) B&S unit and now a Global Performance 12.15.10. The biggest problem I've run into is not knowing what I don't know. To a large extent, I've been able to teach myself how to scan, align, etc, but when you have no clue that there's a better/faster way of doing things, you kick yourself when you see it for the first time, and ask yourself "Why didn't I see that before?"

                Having a week to acclimate is really unfair to you. It's a big change from Production to Quality. I was production for about 5 years before I got moved. I'd been with this new company for about 3 months when my boss came to me and said: "You're an anal retentive *jerk*. I want you in Inspection."

                A couple words of advice, if I may: When telling someone their part doesn't conform, say "I measure it (the dimension in question) at XXX", rather than "Your part is out at XXX". Let them keep their voice and tell you how they measured it, and why they feel it's correct. Maybe it's a difference of interpretation of the print. Maybe their way of measuring is more accurate. There's a better chance of either/both of you learning something, and less of the possibility of animosity between you and the folks you used to work beside.

                Good luck.


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