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  • Pc-dmis 4.3???

    I just got back from the IMTS show in Chicago (that was a blast) and in conversation with the folks in the Hexagon booth I brought up how unhappy everyone was with the reporting in 4.0+. During the conversation the engineer told me that they were well aware of the dissatisfaction of the users and were going to make the process much simpler to edit report templates using drag and drop in 4.2. “The code has already been written and is currently in testing” “Current scheduled release date late October or early November but definitely before the end of the year”. I guess all the pissing and moaning helps after all.

    Sorry 4.3 is a typo but it won't allow me to edit the title

    Now as for the show.. Renishaw’s new scanning head REN SCAN 5 was the coolest cmm product on display. Check out the link the quick little demo image does not do it justice.
    http://www.renishaw.info/en/760.aspx This thing looked like it was flying around the part and scanning every type of surface in 5 axis at a time super fast. The head has a continues swing and rotation feature that was cool. It bounces a laser to a mirror mounted on the back of the ruby and measures the deflection. The carbon fiber extensions can be incredibly long with little loss of accuracy. This thing was sweet. It will be what makes the PH10 extinct.
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    Thanks for the info from the show from one who did'nt get to go. PH10 extinct? What will that make my PH9A? Fossil?

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      Well, YOUR PH9A as weel as my PH9 and PH9A have been trashed by Renishaw, no service available, for several years now. When it breaks, you are out of luck, unless you can find someone besides Renishaw to fix it.
      Originally posted by AndersI
      I've got one from September 2006 (bug ticket) which has finally been fixed in 2013.


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        Yea, thanks terry. I'd give ya a good rep fir that if I could


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          I do not think that REN SCAN will be an immediate hit. In order to get it to run, you need a Renishaw controller on your machine, ouch. So the upgrade path is going to be difficult. Also, all vendors are doing ALL they can to lower the Renishaw content in their product. So they will not be happily jumping.

          I predict that this will remain a brilliant niche product for some time to come; it will never replace PH10 or 9. The cost difference is just too big. There will be some very specific applications that will fully benefit from this system.

          Although, truth be said, I WANT ONE TOO!!!!!!!! BOHOOOOOO.

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            Originally posted by terry
            and is currently in testing”
            well that shouldn't take long. couple hours of testing maybe if were lucky.

            Originally posted by terry
            It will be what makes the PH10 extinct.
            and will problably cost more than your cmm.

            Originally posted by terry
            in conversation with the folks in the Hexagon
            did you get any names? so when it doesn't happen we have someone to blame.


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              I was at the show also and It was very impressive. The guys at the Hexagon booth also said that the accuracy testing that they have done, has showed them that the unit is not as accurate as Renishaw claims. Renishaw claims 1 micron at all angles, but they would not be specific with me on what the accuracy was with longer length. I would love to have one also becuase it was the cat's meow for how it could rotate on the fly as it went into a bore. If I was to get one I would require them to prove there accuracy in front of me with some longer set ups.
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