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  • As9102 Form 3

    Does anyone use this form for inspection report? Is there a way to make PC-DMIS CAD 4.0 print the nominals and actuals with the tolerance in this document? I was quite suprised that PC-DIMAS did not had this inspection format allready build in since this is the standard format for aerospace industry. The way I am doing it now is open it up in RTF format and copy the nominals and actuals out of my edit window, it takes quite a long time, it can take longer than inspecting the part itself, so is there a better way to do this? Please let me know so I can spend my time inspecting parts instead copying and pasting numbers to my report.
    Pc-Dmis 4.2, Zeiss Eclipse

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    Do you have this form in Excel format? If you do, I could probably help you out in saving you some major time. If you don't, then I could convert the form to Excel, but that is a different case. PM me if interested.


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      I gonna post the form 3 here

      Ok here is the form , I hope you can make it work.
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      Pc-Dmis 4.2, Zeiss Eclipse


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        Same as my other post on this subject, Hexagon has an automated AS9102 function, PM me for information.

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