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    Instead of searching for old threads, I wanted fresh input

    When saving the graphics to report, I noticed that the plotting does not change even when marked for execution. I went back and deleted that code then re-inserted a new analysis and it changed! Can anyone confirm this also? And what would have to be done to refresh the anaylsis everytime a new part is measured?
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    I haven't looked at that in a while. If you are using a capture to the report it won't update. I strictly have it showing on the monitor. I print that page if I need to show someone the graphic representation.
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      I run 3.7MR3 and sometimes when I run my offline programs for the first time I will have to delete and re-insert the analysis again to get it to print.
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        I think the way to do it is by using analysis.
        In the analysis window choose "create analysis view command"
        It should update the graphics with every new run.


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